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Let's define high-level scenarios for the system so we can get back to it for the future reference.
I expect to update this page over time.

Also, here is a mind map to quickly grasp the system.


F-4 Player Management

  • Ability to create a new player to assign to the team
    Name, YearOfBirth, height, weight.
  • Edit player attributes
  • View Details
  • Attach photo
    Photo is helpful to identify players. For some tournaments, it is a requirement to have a photo for all players in the team before application
  • Delete
    When not assigned to the team

F-5 Team Management

  • Create a new team to play in the tournament
    1. Captain is required
    2. The captain is part of the team roster
    3. The team name is unique across active teams
  • Enroll player into the team
  • Dismiss player from the team
  • Record team achievement
  • Change coach for the team
  • Delete team
    If not plays in a tournament
  • Disband team
    Team ceases to exist but still visible in historical records.
    Cannot be added to the tournament

F-1 Tournament creation

Scenario 1: Create a 1 round tournament
A tournament where each team plays with each other once

Scenario 2: Create a 2 round tournament
Each team plays twice with each other

Scenario 3: Create a playoff scheme tournament
Single elimination tournament
Double elimination tournament

Scenario 4: Support stronger and weaker teams to play different groups to keep interested and decrease the number of games

Scenario 5: Support tournament application procedure

Given captain of the team wants to apply for a tournament
And captain agreed to the tournament regulations
When the application form is submitted
Then tournament administration will see it and review

F-7 Game scheduling

Scenario 1: Manually create a single game for 1,2-round tournament
Date and time, round number, Home and Away team, Place should be provided

Scenario 2: Manually create a single game for single/double elimination tournament
Same as scenario 1, but you can create games only for the first and second round. Other rounds will be filled automatically as game results are entered because those schemes have defined the flow of plays.

Scenario 3: Auto generate tournament schedule based on team ranking.

F-2 Enter game results

Scenario 1: enter game results for a game
Each set score and total is required

Scenario 2: edit game results
Note: Unless this is elimination scheme and next round already has a result

Scenario 3: Technical win game
According to some rules, the team can get a technical win. The score, in that case, is 3:0 and 25:0 in all sets.

Scenario 4: Technical win in set
Only one particular set can be a subject to a technical win. The score is 25:0, other sets and the total score is entered as usual

Scenario 5: Team penalty
For some cases, a team can be penalized by deducting points. The number of points and reason for the penalty should be entered.

Scenario 6: Add a link to the game video

F-3 Tournament rankings

Scenario 1: Ranking parameters should be displayed
Total points=sumAllGames-sumAllPenalties
Game points are calculated according to the tournament regulations
The number of games with the particular score: 3:0>3:1>3:2>2:3>1:3>0:3
Sets Won, Sets Lost, Set Win\Loss ratio
Balls Won, Balls Lost, Balls Win\Loss ratio

Scenario 2: Standings table
View table which shows the position, team name, and all parameters

Scenario 3: Pivot standings table
As a row and column headers, team names should be shown

F-6 External Sites integration

It's more technical requirements rather than a business. From the business point of view, we need an infrastructure to embed standing tables and calendar into any site.

Major Actors

System Administrator

Manages system: high-level access control, tenant creation, and management.

Tenant Administrator

Manages tenant, creates tournaments, assigns tournament administrators, create/edit teams.

Tournament Administrator

Schedule games, view applications, enter game results.


Specific to the team, allowed to change team


View data